v1.0.9 - More players and a new level

This is my first ever game I've released, which kinda, sort-of, but not really, makes me an indie developer. So better live up to that and create a super-arty silhouette type level!

I've also gone and ruined the carefully crafted design mechanics and added 6-8 players as well, because why the hell not. I don't even know seven people so god knows how it plays :-)

As always, any bugs or issues please comment!


OldFashionedRinkyDink_1.0.9_Win_x86.zip 35 MB
Jul 04, 2017
OldFashionedRinkyDink_Mac_1.0.9.app.zip 38 MB
Jul 04, 2017
OldFasionedRinkyDink_1.0.9_Win_x86_64.zip 37 MB
Jul 04, 2017

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I love jump n bump and i have 8 gamepads. Would be cool if 8 gamepads could be used in the game. Noticed that you use ReWired for input. According to documentation it's possible to switch off accessing the gamepads via XInput so you could access 8 XInput gamepads via DirectInput instead of only 4.

I think the most crucial thing for the platformer to feel more fluent is to so players don't stutter and get stuck when colliding with walls of objects.

Also couldn't get 8 players to work since gamepads and keyboard players control the same 4 players.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Supersmo. That's interesting. 8 gamepads should work... hmmmm ... I'll have a look into it and see if I can fix the problem. Thanks!